Fiber Art VIII: International Biennial Fiber Arts Exhibition – Sebastopol, CA

September 3, 2017, was the last day to enjoy this wonderful and varied exhibition of fiber arts at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.
For those who missed it, below are photos of many, if not all, the exhibited art pieces. There were over 500 submissions, of which 80 were selected to be shown. Some came from as far away as Norway (and as a matter of fact this entry almost didn’t make it to the exhibition, as United States customs needed additional information before they could release it).
“Memory Bank” by Helle Mellemstrand, Best of ShowMemory Bank, Installation of 74 bowls of industrial felted vintage blankets by Helle Mellemstrand, Norway

The jury was also international: Wendy Lugg from Australia, Jason Pollen from Kansas City, and Eszter Bornemisza from Hungary. The main focus of the show was “social, political, and personal expression.”

What is the definition of fiber arts? They are defined as art made with any type of fiber, so they include, but are not limited to, quilting, weaving, knitting, crochet, tie-dye, and embroidery. Many fiber artists are female, but there have always been men who are also involved in fiber arts. There was a Lebanese artist with a degree in chemical engineering, obtained to assuage his parents, whose true passion and activity was embroidery, which he transformed into “paintings.”

Middle Management, pitchfork and ties by Ryan Carrington
Middle Management, pitchfork and ties by Ryan Carrington – Coordinator Award Bill Yoes