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Omar Chacon painting detail

Omar Chacon at Fouladi Projects in San Francisco

Omar Chacon painting detail
Omar Chacon painting detail

For my first art gallery exhibition in San Francisco, I attended the Omar Chacon’s “Mesalinas Operaticas” opening at the Fouladi Projects gallery on Market Street. The exhibition will be on display through December 17, 2016.

Omar Chacon is an artist of Colombian origin, who received an MA from Ringling College of Art and Design and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He currently lives in Astoria, New York City.

His art is acrylic-paint based; he invented his own paint formula and finds inventive, tactile ways to layer and combine colors. The results are vibrant and original.

Fouladi Projects gallery is owned and managed by Holly Fouladi. A native of California, she studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. She founded her namesake gallery in 2009. Previously, she co-owned Lincart Gallery.

Fouladi Projects gallery also has a retail section, where clients can acquire local artists’ production, for a range of wallet sizes!

Fouladi Projects sales space
Fouladi Projects sales space interior

Daniel Castillo, glass artist


IMG_1689We noticed some very interesting “paintings” made in glass while in Montreal for a short stay. We enquired about the artist behind them, and were given the name of Daniel Castillo. Daniel Castillo is an artist born in Bucamaranga, Colombia, now Colombian-Canadian.

After studying to be an engineer, he became interested in art, both painting and sculpture. Upon discovering stained glass, he fell in love with the technique, which he pursued for many years. He then added on the challenge of fused glass. As he explains the difference: “Fused glass is a technique where you have to fire your pieces within a kiln at temperatures between 1,300 and 1,500 degrees; stained glass is made by joining the pieces through lead.  With fused glass you can make sculptural pieces and follow your imagination further.” Below is a series of smaller pieces.

He moved to Canada with his family, and after learning a new language (they were in the English-speaking part of Canada), he delved into the traditions and music of his community, joined a choir and found much inspiration in Celtic music. In his work, he started blending Colombian/Latin American and Celtic influences.

His portfolio of work in Canada includes:
– The Charley Fox Memorial Overpass Public Sculpture, in London, Canada (33 ft. high)
– The Banting House National Historic Site of Canada, Banting Museum, London, Canada (12 ft high)
– The Memorial Wall for the Holocaust For the Jewish Community, London, Canada.
He also has had commissions for private homes and hotels in various cities, both in Canada and in the United States.
A few large commissions:

As he describes it: “My biggest inspiration is the mystery of the sea; some of my pieces are based on it. I feel great respect for something huge, and unknown underneath. Some pieces are very organic and other pieces are the result of my work on kinetic art with glass (…) “

In recent years he returned to Colombia to work on a few large commissions, such as a large sculpture for a hotel lobby, and a mural, both around 60 square meters, as well as preparing sculptures for a couple of exhibitions.  He already had many pieces both in Colombia and in Venezuela, and has taught and lectured at Colombian universities and museums.

He plans to return to Canada soon to work on new commissions. His website is and his work can also be seen on Pinterest.