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transFORM – storage in style

The IDS (Interior Design Society) recently held an event at the transFORM showroom in New York City, at 200 Lexington Avenue, at the NY Design Center. The presentation was “Little Spaces in the Big City.”
Most people living in New York City make do with very little space and it is worth investing in stylish and most importantly astute storage… which is transFORM’s specialty.
The company is based in New Rochelle, NY, where all manufacturing takes place. Not only is it based in the United States – it’s a true New York company.
TransFORM also uses both its Manhattan and its New Rochelle space to showcase artists’ work. The next art opening will be on June 13, 6 to 9 pm, at the New Rochelle showroom and gallery, 20 Jones Street. The featured artist will be Alexander Rutsch.

TransFORM was founded in 2005 by Stuart Reisch and Andreas Messis. I had a long talk on May 18 with Mr. Messis, who is American-born, of Cypriot descent; who started out studying engineering, moved into design, and designed Broad way theater sets for many years before entering the high-end storage industry.
The products are wonderful and it is a one-stop shop: there are no distributors. Clients work directly with transFORM, whose design team designs according to each client’s needs, manufactures the equipment and installs it. There are solutions for bedrooms, pantries, living rooms, offices… and combinations thereof. The space saving ideas are perfect for our day and age, especially in cities like New York, where space is at a premium.
The best way to show the solutions would be by video, as there are so many moving parts and “tricks.” Below is a portion of a closet with an incorporated ironing board. No need to drag the board out of storage, set it up, and later close it again and store away!

Nowadays most people use laptops rather than desktop computers. A flexible desk can be used either for work, or for dinner.

The pantry has many features. Just a couple are shown below.

As you can tell by now–I am smitten.