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Holiday on 5th Avenue – New York City

Middle Eastern dancing

Belly dancing, oriental dancing… this doesn’t quite fit into the art and design categories I usually cover in this blog. But it is culture… certainly an important part of Middle Eastern culture, even if dancers nowadays in New York hail from all over. Here are some photos taken of Elizabeth Fernandez’ performance at Byblos Restaurant in Manhattan.

Asia Society: Naim June Paik exhibition, New York

The Asia Society hosted a holiday party last week, that included a curated tour of the exhibition: “Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot,” on display through January 4, 2015.
It was fascinating to discover this artist, who unfortunately passed away in 2006. He was ahead of his time, and reminded me of what Jules Verne was in the last century, when  his novels depicted interstellar travel and so much more.
In his art, Naim June Paic foresaw the Internet and our current technological advances.