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Musée Maison exhibit in November 2014

IMG_8703Last year, I wrote about the Musée Maison in Harlem, NY and its founder, Luis Da Cruz.

This year, he hosted a new exhibition, “Art Fusion,” along with two other artists: Geneviève Maquinay (Columbian-Belgian) and Christine Galvez (French).

Geneviève Maquinay created an installation for this exhibit, covering the dining room table with an extraordinary array of objects. Christine Galvez makes lighting fixtures out of mundane objects, transforming them into beautiful artistic creations. She names her work “Metalight.”

In one of the interior photos, there is a ceiling decor item: it is made from discarded mattresses, thus giving a new life to these objects that we spend one third of our lives on. Usually, we put them out on the street with the trash once their life with us is over.
As always, the “House Museum” was warm and welcoming, and the crowd (including a majority of French speakers) was so dense after a couple of hours that one could barely move!